Jantar Mantar – Jaipur, India

This Jantar Mantar is just at walking distance from City Palace, Jaipur. I have seen Delhi Jantar Mantar  and Ujjain Jantar Mantar and out of all this I think Jaipur is bigger and some of the instruments which are in Ujjain are not there in Delhi.

Since in Jaipur I had only one full one day I preferred to visit the below points in Jaipur by RTDC one day package tour bus.

RTDC Local Bus tour- Lakshmi Narayan temple- City Palace- Jantar mantar- Hawa Mahal-Jaigarh Fort-Nahargarh Fort-Amer Fort – 31 KM

Brihad Samrat Yantra- Tallest sun dial in world. Measures local time up to accuracy of 2 seconds.

Laghu Samrat Yantra- Calculates upto accuracy of 20 seconds.


Jay Prakash yantra-The shadow of sky falls on this hemisphere and which helps to calculate elevation, azimuth, hour angles and exact position of heavenly bodies


Ram Yantra – Measures elevation and azimuth of Sun and planets.


Kranti vratta Yantra- Used for the direct measurement of celestial latitude and longitude and is most efficient for this purpose, as the observations could be made at any time.


Two Nadi yantra- the two faces represent north and south hemispheres, the accuracy of the instrument in measuring the time is less that 1 minute.


Digamsa- To predict the sunrise and sunset timings in a day


Traveler- from Columbia who came with us in RTDC Tourist bus.




These astronomical instruments are pride of India. These show that knowledge of India in field of astronomy was an example to the world. This place was also a film location in 2006 film “The Fall” as told by our guide..

About 280 years old. Built by Maharaja Jai Singh -II. Jaipur is such place which is visited by on an average 5000 tourists EVERY DAY. To me honestly felt like AMER Fort is like an HIVE and tourists are like Bees. Who so ever visits Jaipur comes to Jantar Mantar as well without fail.


April,2017 Sanchi a relic commissioned by Ashoka whose wife Devi belonged to Vidisha which is
A very few cities in India can claim the long continuity and capital status that
It was my day 3 of travel into Delhi. I was on way back from Uttarakhand
Kotla Firuz Shah is designated in history as Delhi's fifth City. After seeing Purana Quila
Most visited place in India.

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