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Brihadishvara Temple, Thanjavur – A pearl of the World

Tamil Nadu

The Brideshwar temple at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu was constructed by Great Chola king Rajaraja-1 about a thousand years ago. There are theories about skill used in building this temple along with theories that Aliens built it and power of secret vedic mantras helped in lifting the tonnes of granite. But there are also some stories that this temple could not be consecrated due to some reasons and therefore King Rajaraja’s son Rajendra Chola constructed its replica at a place called Gangaikonda Chola puram ( 70 KM off Thanjavur). These both temples are pearl to be seen and if you do not see you will miss something…. . THis is incredible India and that is why India was called ” Sone ki Chidiya”……..Just unbelievable about 70,000 people visited this temple on Dec,31,2017.

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Ujjain- A passage to Holiness

Madhya Pradesh

Today Ujjain abounds in temples and traditions and legends are still even today attached to each of them. But it is true that mostly (almost all) are built upon sites of antiquity and none have survived in original now. Desecration and despoiling time and time again , the structures that stand today are more of recent dates, renovated or rebuilt.

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