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Tomb Of Aurangzeb – End of Medieval Indian History


I was just standing in front of tomb of Aurangzeb when a caretaker appeared in front of me all of sudden and started stating about Aurangzeb and his tomb without my asking. I was in dilemma what to do and tossed tip of Rs.20. He seemed to be so happy. The so simple tomb of a Badshah who killed his close kins and fought incessant battles for 50 years, ruled whole India subcontinent just about 350 years ago.

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Delhi- A City Of Seven Cities


A very few cities in India can claim the long continuity and capital status that Delhi has faced. It was pride for rulers to rule over Delhi be it from the time of Mohammed bin Qasim in 8th century to British who later changed the capital from Kolkatta to Delhi. A treasure of about 1300 listed monuments I can say this city enjoys entire history of North India and all significant rulers have ruled over Delhi since last 2500 years.

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