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Penukonda- A dying Medieval Fort

Andhra Pradesh

This city was second capital of Vijay Nagar Emipre in early 16th century. Barring a few smaller monuments in the city at bottom of the fort hill such as Gagan Mahal, Parshwanath temple, Thimmarasu jail and Syed Fakruddin grave , the main fort for which Penukonda is known on Andhra Pradesh Tourism map is utterly neglected.  I think no tourist with family can reach the fort as there is mud road and even auto can not reach before 4 Km from  Lakshmi Narayan temple and main fort. Very difficult to get guide here.

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Bhimbetka- The Timeless Caves

Madhya Pradesh

This is absolutely greatest place I have seen so far. We can not compare this place with any monuments in AD era. I saw the pottery in purana Quila museum claimed to be 5000 years old but these paintings are unparalleled as claim to be 30K to 5K years old. Declared world heritage by UNESCO in 2003.

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