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Jhansi – A Chapter for future

This glorious history  is just 3 generations ago. This is the story of not independence of 1857 but a story for fight for the dignity and for own people against injustice. several novels have been written on Rani by Europeans, several TV serials and a Hollywood film Swords and Sceptres :The Rani of Jhansi (2017) acted by American Indian. Not sure if released or not. Film Manikarnika is going to be released in India on Jan,25, 2019.

How to reach : Jhansi is well connected by all cities of India by train. There is no airport here. Nearest airport (100 KM) is Gwalior and Khajuraho (178 KM).

Our Itinerary

We had one day stay at Jhansi. Reached Jhansi at 1.30 AM night, stayed in hotel Natraj Sarovar Portico. Called my cousin Brajesh next day morning and we all proceeded to see Orchha and then Jhansi fort. All was covered in span of 6 hours. Thanks for his company.

Our itinerary by train.

Name :  Manikarnika Tambe, nickname Manu,  named Lakshmi Bai after marriage.

Born  : Varanasi, 19 Nov, 1828.

Father : Morepant Tambe. A courtier in court of Peshwa of Bithoor, 23 KM from Kanpur.

Education :  Shooting, horsemanship, fencing, Mallakhamba (a type of yoga, aerobics).

Friends : Tatya Tope and cousin Nana Sahab.

Spouse :  Maharaja of Jhansi, Raja Gangadhar Newalkar.

Favorite horses : Baadal, Pavan and Sarangi.

Travails : Mother died when Rani was 4 years old, married at age of 14, gave birth to son Damodar Rao at age of 23, died at age of 29. The whole life spent in conspiracies inside and wars with British.

Death :  1858. At age of 29. Due to treachery of Gwalior Peshwa (Sindhia), British surrounded Lakshmi Bai and killed her in Gwalior

A few anecdotes : Guide told us that one son was born to Lakshmi Bai when  she was 19 years old, the son was poisoned by his devar for the greed of the throne for his own son. Do not know how far it is true but this must be fact propagated in public.

Just interesting fact which the guide told us that Damodar Rao had survived the battle of Lakshmi Bai in Gwalior by escaping. But villagers did not give him shelter due to fear of British and lived 2 years in seclusion in jungles and finally surrendered to British and got pension of Rs.10,000. Even today his 3rd generation is alive.

About Jhansi Fort

Luckily I got guide who left the guide job after 10 years but just for us he obliged. He seemed to be OK and good point that his narrations  included what is locally prevalent about this fort in Jhansi.

As soon as we entered we saw a regular show TV documentary about the fort. Below are the iterations followed by guide to show us inside the fort.

Built by Veer Singh JuDev in 1613. So this fort is 400 years old and still is in good condition.


Small Tombs of gunner Gulam Ghaus Khan, woman gunner Moti Bai, Horse rider chief Khuda Baksh. All died on June, 4, 1858.


The fort has wide gallerias inside. Very comfortably and well designed as per the exact requirements. No pomp and show of costly architecture and designs as we see in Mogul forts.


A bastion (Burj) is used today for national flag hoisting with proud to declare the rich history of Jhansi ki Rani valour and so nations pride. There are 22 bastions in this fort.


The spot from where Lakshmi bai jumped on horse with his son Damodar Rao on back.


The jail used in Lakshmi Bai time. Later British used it to keep Indian rebels.


As per guide this tunnel goes up to Gwalior. But I doubt as Archaeological Department does not talk about it.


Play ground of Rani Jhansi. Here she used to practice horse riding, play with her friends after marriage.


Hanging tower used by Lakshmi Bai husband Gangadhar Rao. Later on request of Lakshmi Bai this was abandoned as the path in front was leading to Shiva temple where Lakshmi Bai offered daily prayers.


The Shiva temple used by Rani Lakshmi Bai for her regular prayers.


The place where dances and functions used to take place. It is a big fort and I could not reach at this point. It is foto in zoom.


Deevan-i-aam : For addressing public.

Panch Mahal : When in Palace, Lakshmi Bai used to live here with husband in ground floor.


Ganesh Temple inside the fort. It is live temple and is open to public.


Kadak Bijli Cannon : Was used by Lakshmi Bai in revolt.

After seeing the fort we moved to Rani Mahal where it is said that Lakshmi Bai lived for 4-5 months. This is about 2 KM from the fort and is in congested location. Parking is difficult in this region.

Board in front of Rani Mahal

Rani Mahal built in 1789 AD. Here Rani Lakshmi Bai lived for 4-5 months .


Rani Mahal : It is not very big or any extravagant. Just a big building with several rooms and a courtyard in middle with fountain.


Travelers – We can see a few foreign visitors also here who drop in on their trip to Khajuraho and Orchha.


This fort belongs to  a legend who was one of the gems of history after Rana Pratap who fought for her own land. We already know for what reasons Turks, Moguls, British established stronghold here. Lakshmi Bai is not a history of past but a lesson for future for us to teach us to live with proud and dignity.

“Twenty years after her death Colonel Malleson wrote in the History of the Indian Mutiny; vol. 3; London, 1878 ‘Whatever her faults in British eyes may have been, her countrymen will ever remember that she was driven by ill-treatment into rebellion, and that she lived and died for her country, We cannot forget her contribution for India.”

It is my second visit after 44 years to Khajuraho. last time I visited this
Comparatively today lesser known among Indians, this place was once the capital of Bundela Rajput
A two hundred years historical observatory due to which Ujjain enjoyed a position of considerable
April,2017 Sanchi a relic commissioned by Ashoka whose wife Devi belonged to Vidisha which is
Today Ujjain abounds in temples and traditions and legends are still even today attached to

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