Tomb Of Aurangzeb – End of Medieval Indian History

This tomb is not only Tomb of Aurangzeb, but also marks end of Mughal Empire and end of Medieval history of India. From here modern history of India starts.

This is tomb of man who killed his close kins, confined his father in four walls for 8 years, fought battles relentlessly for 50 years. Was one of the most controversial brute. As per history had bloody thirst for throne, the only aim, blind follower of Islam, destroyer of temples, responsible for forceful conversions by introducing Jajia tax on non Muslims. But according to some historians he did not allow new temples but contributed for maintenance of old temples. He hated spending money on palaces. The only architecture built by him is Moti Masjid inside Red Fort, Delhi.

Ironically he is buried just 5 KM away from his most loved enemy’s (Shivaji Maharaj) village Verul (Now called Ellora).


Village Khultabad. It is 5 KM from Ellora caves on way to Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. Just about 2 KM from the main road is the first gate leading to tomb of Aurangzeb. The area is definitely looks a village and inhabited by poor class. There were all small hut type houses around. All these gates seem to be erected by local bodies in recent times.

Our Itinerary

On way from Aurangabad to Ellora we visited this tomb at Khultabad.


Shirdi- Shani Signapur-Aurangabad-Ajanta-Aurangabad-Khultabad- Ellora-Daultabad- Aurangabad

I think it is managed by trust and neither state nor central ASI is involved in this. Locals are managing this and seem to be proud of Aurangzeb.

Just 5 get down at Khultabad, on Aurangabad- Ellora highway. Walk 2 KM of take auto there and you will see this gate welcoming you to Tomb of Badshah Aurangzeb.


The area around the tomb in Khultabad.


Entrance to the tomb courtyard.

I was just standing in front of tomb of Aurangzeb when a caretaker appeared in front of me all of sudden and started stating about Aurangzeb and his tomb without my asking. I was in dilemma what to do and tossed tip of Rs.20. He seemed to be so happy. The so simple tomb of a Badshah who killed his close kins and fought incessant battles for 50 years, ruled whole India subcontinent just about 350 years ago.

Aurangzeb died in Ahmednagar in 1707 in a military camp at the age of 89.


Courtyards around the Aurangzeb tomb has tomb of his son Azam Shah and Aurangzeb’s spritual guru saint Syed Zainuddin.


Paithan saris are world famous and the taxi driver will drop in to these shops on way back to Aurangabad.


This tomb looks very ordinary but inmate of it holds a huge impact on Indian history and culture..even today it wakes up occasionally in modern Indian politics. So I had a desire to see this milestone of history.

It was thrilling to see such a small tomb which marks end of powerful Mughal Empire and end of medieval history of India. It was my desire to see his tomb. Though looks ordinary, this tomb is not  ordinary but of a ruler who used religion to his frenzy and relived Babur. He ruled like a king and a determined warrior but lead a simple life.

सब कुछ पा कर भी हासिले ज़िंदगी कुछ भी नहीं,
मैंने देखे हैं एक से एक सिकंदर खाली हाथ जाते हुए !


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