Khairu’l Manazil Mosque and SherSah Gate – Day 3 at Delhi


Just opposite of Purana Quila, New Delhi, India. After seeing the Purana Quila  on Day 3 I crossed the Mathura Road and reached the Khairu’l Manazil Mosque which is It is just opposite of Purana Quila main entrance gate.

Khairu’l Manazil Mosque

ASI Board

As per inscription over the central arch of the prayer chamber  this mosque was built by  Maham Anga with help of her son Shiha-buddin Ahmad Khan during reign of Akbar.

Inscription in main central arch

Lady Maham Anga was wet nurse of Akbar and had considerable influence on him (Like we saw a gate and tomb in Humayun Tomb  constructed on name Bu’ Halima, wet nurse of Humayun) and her son Shiha-buddin Ahmad Khan was a general in Akbar’s army. He was also once upon a time the governor of Delhi.

The central bay of the mosque has a big dome and other bays are roofed with mehrabs.

On both sides of the main entrance gate there is a double storeyed corridors used as madarsa.


Sher Sah Gate

Just walk along the road and adjacent is Shersah Gate. It seems when I saw a massive renovation was going on

And entrance was locked. It was difficult to enter but somehow I  managed to enter and took some fotos from far.

Shar Shah Gate under massive renovation by ASI 2017

This gate was built by Sher Sah and uses res stone majorly and therefore also called Lal Darwaza.

Sher Shah was killed on 22 May 1545 during siege of the Kalinjar fort of Rajput Chandel.

Earlier both these structures were inside Purana Quila premises but later as Mathura road is laid so these seem to be out of Purana Quila.


When you visit Purana Quila you can see historical 500 hundred years old Khairu’l Manazil Mosque and Shershah gate which add to grandeur of Purana Quila and are at five minutes walk from main gate.

March, 2018. First of all II would like to share some queries which I had
This city was second capital of Vijay Nagar Emipre in early 16th century. Barring a
It was my day 3 of travel into Delhi. I was on way back from Uttarakhand
Qutb Complex is the best monument to understand few first muslim rulers and involution of architecture
Red Fort - Day 1 at Delhi On first day of my visit to Delhi

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