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There was a time when you could look up at the night sky and see the beautiful stars any day of the week any time of the year.This was when I was a little kid and we had far little locomotives running amok on the roads to worry about pollution or global warming for that matter.Life was simpler then.May be cause I was just a kid. Anyways…

Stargazing is not just for scientists and photographers looking to do something with what they see. There are some of us how would love to see the night in its unadulterated form.An experience we cherish from our childhood and want our children to experience as well.There is something peaceful about the sky which calms you down…brings your agitated mind to peace…


I seem to keep straying away with my thoughts…sorry about it.

I have put together this list of places of places in India which even today can give you the best star gazing experience you can have to witness the infinite beauty and the ineffable vastness of the cosmos that we share with the stars. You definitely don’t have to visit them for the sole purpose of star gazing obviously.But if you happen to travel to them please don’t miss taking time out and admiring the the beauty of it.Many of these places are on my bucket list as well!

1. Nubra Valley-Leh Ladakh

Credits: Pushkar via flickr Places to stargaze in India

The Milky Way in Nubra Valley (Credits: Pushkar via flickr)

2. Sonmarg- Jammu & Kashmir

 Sonmarg Places to stargaze in India

The Milky Way in Sonmarg (Credits: Neelima Vallangi via flickr)

3. Coorg-Karnataka

Coorg Places to stargaze in India

The Milky Way in Coorg. Credits: Nilesh via flickr

4. Shahapur –Maharastra

Stargaze Maharashtra

Star Trail with the Pole Star. Credits: Harshad Sharma via flickr

6. Pangong Tso – Leh, Ladakh

Credits: Pushkar via flickr

The Milky Way. Credits: Pushkar via flickr

7. Shanti Stupa –Leh, Ladakh

Credits: Pushkar via flickr

Star Trail and Shanti Stupa. Credits: Subhankar Saha via flickr

 And the one in USA

Death Valley,USA

Death Valley,USA

Hottest, Driest, and Lowest National Park
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Travelling is not about getting away from who we are or what we do.Its more
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