Bangalore- A trekkers delight

Was surfing the net to zero in on my next trekking expedition in Bangalore when I found this.
Just couldn’t resist the temptation to share it.

Here are some of the places that should be on your to do trekking list.

Trek Distance from Bangalore Trek Length Trek time Difficulty l Permission required? Guide required?
Anthargange Trek 60 Km 4 Km 2 Hours Easy No No
Skandagiri trek 65 Km 3 Km 2 Hours Easy Banned Banned
Makalidurga Trek 60 Km 5 Km 2 Hours Easy No Yes
Revana Siddeshwara betta Trek  60 Km  1 Km  30 min Easy  No  No
Kabbaladurga Trek  80 Km  3 Km  2 Hours  Easy-Medium  No  No
Ramadevara betta Trek  60 Km  2 Km  1 Hour  Easy  No  No
Bheemeshwari Trek  110 Km 3 Km  2 Hours  Easy  Yes  Yes
Bilikal Rangaswamy Trek  70 Km  5 Km  3 Hours  Medium  No  Yes
Savandurga Trek  60 Km  4 Km  2 Hours  Easy-Medium  Yes  Yes
Kunti Betta Trek  100 Km  2 Km  1 Hour  Easy  No  No
Devrayanadurga Trek  70 Km  1 Km  30 min  Easy  No  No

–thankyou trekkerpedia

Most of us think Bangalore doesn’t have must to offer in terms of sight seeing.I was of the same mind as well until a few years back when I started my travel campaign.

The geographic location of Bangalore is actually ideal for trekking and its weather is an add on.It is surrounded by a lot of small hills which have an average peak altitude of about 3500 feet.Thus they are not all that high and perfect to explore on foot.Most of these can be explored on a family outing as well!

Most of these short treks are within 100 km from Bangalore form a perfect adventurous weekend gateway from Bangalore as one-day trekking spots.

These treks are in length of 4-5 km taking around 3-4 hours to trek to the peak from the base.

If you want a break from the hills.Bangalore has its fair share of waterfalls as well. The balmuri falls,the pearl valley,shivasamuram and hoggenekkal to name a few.

So thankyou Bangalore for being such a wonderful place!


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